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About Paolo

My name is Paolo Toso. I was born in Friuli in 1963 by a Friuli family. I have been living and working in this region as a computer technician. When I was a boy I was interested in sports such as volleyball, rugby, paragliding, cycling, and hobbies such as electronics, information technology and drawing. When I grew up I approached dancing: I attended Findhorn sacred dances, contemporary jazz dance and academic ballet. I had the chance to take part to some ballet prestigious stages that gave much in terms of personal growth.

Out of curiosity, when I was very young, I attended “Cerchio Firenze 77”; out of health issues I started practicing transcendental meditation and Maharishi M. Yogi's Siddhi. Not being satisfied with what I was learning and with a deep curiosity for mysteries, I continued searching through books and esoteric, religious and philosophical groups. Almost immediately, I felt I had to be free from all teachers and groups.

Although I know different types of techniques, some of which were created by me, I was never alone during my search - Mercy never leaves us alone in our experiences. At the end of this rich period of experiences, I started to get interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, both as a philosophy and as a Shiatsu practice. I acquired the traditional technique of Masunaga, Oriental diagnosis according to Ohashi and the incredible Mi-Bo technique, obtaining excellent practical results. Due to legal difficulties and the poor recognition of this practice in Italy, I withdrew from the idea of becoming a professional but I have been bringing what I know to people through conferences, stages and internet articles for many years.

In 1997 this commitment led me to be granted the honorary membership of a prestigious and ancient Italian academy, the Accademia delle Arti e delle Scienze degli Ardenti di Viterbo (“Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Fervents of Viterbo” is the unofficial translation) and to be appointed deacon of an almost unknown Church, the Autocephalous Syrian-Antyochian Missionary Church of Europe. These are important titles which I praise but never boast in; only on official occasions I use the titles I was given.

I am also a member of some associations. On the internet I am known under the nickname of "paxlex" and the avatar of a squirrel. In 2005, against all my friends' expectations, I got married and started a new and interesting personal journey.

Here I would like to recall with deep affection some important people: Roberto Setti, don Nicola Borgo, don Candido Maffei, Gabriele Witteck, Gabriella Pecchiari, prof. Maurizio (Mimo) Boato, dott.ssa Vittoria Benedetti Talini, Mons. Don Pietro Vetrani, Aldo and many others, notably doctors such as Dr. R. Colautti, Dr. H. Katrib and Dr. D. Arezzo, who helped me with my health problems.

This is a motto I agree very much with.
If you give me a coin and I give you a coin to you, we both have a coin. If you give me an idea and I give you an idea, we both have two ideas. (G.B. Shaw)

I am webmaster of the following websites:
Socrem-Udine | G.Nidi-Infanzia-FVG | Towel-Day | Grado-App.

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